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Kisanshop Private Limited, 2nd Floor, Dwarka Building, Namakpatti822114GarhwaIN
Kisanshop Private Limited, 2nd Floor, Dwarka Building, NamakpattiGarhwa, IN
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About Us

We build bridges between Farmers and Agri-input Sellers.

As our team grows, we're united in our mission: to turn progress and achievement into a reality for everyone we work with.

KisanShop Pvt. Ltd., established on September 3, 2021, is a leading Agritech enterprise dedicated to connecting farmers with Agri input sellers through an innovative online marketplace. We offer a platform where farmers can access branded, high-quality, and authentic agricultural products easily. Our mission extends beyond sales; we aim to deliver unparalleled quality inputs and guidance to support farmers in their growth journey. With delivery services available in over 26,000 locations, KisanShop is committed to enhancing farmer profitability by providing the tools and knowledge needed for success in today's competitive agricultural landscape.

Our Philosophy

At KisanShop, we believe in the power of technology to transform agriculture. Our platform is designed to make shopping for agricultural products as easy and efficient as possible, removing the barriers that have traditionally made it difficult for farmers to find and purchase the inputs they need. By providing a convenient, reliable, and transparent online marketplace, we are not just selling products; we are fostering growth and innovation in the agricultural sector.

Our Commitment to Quality and Growth

Quality is at the heart of everything we do at KisanShop. We understand that the success of a harvest begins with the quality of inputs, which is why we partner with trusted suppliers to bring you the best products available. From seeds and fertilizers to tools and machinery, everything you find on our platform is vetted for quality and reliability.

But our commitment doesn't stop at providing quality products. We are also dedicated to supporting farmers in their growth journey. Through KisanShop, farmers can access not only inputs but also valuable guidance and information on best farming practices. Our goal is to help farmers achieve better yields, higher profitability, and sustainable success.

Expanding Reach, Enhancing Lives

As we continue to grow, our vision remains clear: to improve the livelihood of the farming community and contribute to the advancement of agricultural systems. By creating a platform that encourages multi-stakeholder collaboration, we aim to drive sustainable and equitable growth in the agricultural sector.